pieces of self cont / pt.2

And I hope that all of these things you have been searching for

And the voices that overwhelm and exhaust your soul

find home

and space


And the voices, thoughts and intents you cannot reconcile

— I pray that you find those in yourself because, it is the only place worth searching in.


And I hope the guilt, and burdening obligation you feel towards everything else, you feel towards yourself.

Because love and compassion,

intense and powerful emotion

run through your veins.

This is what fuels your soul

And I only wish you could keep it within you and for you.


And I hope that the urgency you have for everything else, you could find for yourself.

Because it is in you and yet, not for you.


And I hope, most of all, that you find a place for all this love.

Because for so long, your love has been out of place

and yourself and soul have been without space.

And all the while, it is only you that can create a place, a home,

for yourself and soul.










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