السلام عليكم  / As Salaamu Alaykum / ( Islamic greeting meaning peace be upon you) / hi

Welcome to my blog – and to my neverending, often rambly thoughts and reflections.

Theempoweredprole.com is a platform for empowering and reflecting – it began in a sociology lesson (on Marx) teaching me that the wealthiest in our society have and uphold power despite that they make up less of the population.

While we – the majority, the everyday person, the working class, the proles – live in a world that makes us feel less, as people, as women, as working class, as religious and ethnic minorities.  Theempoweredprole is my vision for a narrative that is empowered by unity – the unity and strength of numbers and in our common humanity in this current political climate.

I began by documenting my thoughts on the rise of Anti-Muslim hate and hate crime and now, I write about my experiences as a Muslim woman, a Londoner, a writer and a Literature student at the University of Cambridge. My faith, travel, and the ways I am constantly trying to be mindful, and remembering the purpose of and in all, that I do.

I hope you enjoy reading, as much as I do writing.

Have a read of my posts and comment or find me on:

Instagram (I post quite regularly):  @theempoweredprole,

Twitter: https://twitter.com/majidaa_

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Lots of love, good thoughts and salaams,



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